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854 TeeJet® Sprayer Control

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TeeJet 854
A new generation of flexibility and power arrives with the TeeJet 854 Spray Controller. It combines the simple operation and programming of the proven TeeJet line with brand new features for sprayer controls. The 854 is GPS-compatible, allowing you to perform variable rate application. Plus, it’s got a full, three-year warranty.


Informative At set up, fix your target application rate, and the 854 helps select the right TeeJet tip for the application. When spraying begins, the bright, easy-to-read, display reports application rate, volume sprayed, system pressure, sprayer speed and area covered. As you drive, the 854 makes instant adjustments to ensure a constant application rate as the machine speed changes.

Versatile Product Control TeeJet 854 really is about “automatic rate control”. The exclusive Auto-Master switch can be set to automatically switch off all the boom valves when a preset minimum speed is reached, and back on when speed is increased. The 854 makes routine spraying a “hands-off” job with an informative display and automatic boom section control.Smart Sensing, exclusive to the TeeJet 854, is an industry first. When enabled, it automatically switches between the flow meter and pressure sensor, choosing the most accurate sensor for the current application. Sensor cross-checking alerts the operator of system problems. Five programmable rate presets make application changes effortless. A special dual-boom feature permits an operator to increase the application rate or drive faster by switching on a second group of spray nozzles. The combination of field-proven performance and innovative, leading-edge features make the TeeJet 854 the best choice in automatic sprayer controls.

Key Features

Rugged construction, sealed switches and non-volatile memory mean dependability that won’t let you down. Single-connection wiring system and metal connectors provide durability that’s clutter-free. Front panel has clear instructions for easy operation.

Saves summary reports on up to 10 jobs. Auto-Master can be set to automatically switch boom sections on and off at predetermined speeds. Auto tank fill allows the console to control tank-filling operations. Dual boom capability means wider ranges of speed and application rate.

Smart Sensing automatically selects between pressure or flow sensors, choosing the best sensor for that application

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