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TeeJet® GuideLine Guidance Systems

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More efficient than foam

TeeJet's GuideLine lightbar guidance runs circles and curves and straight lines around foam markers. It's easier to use, takes less time and no fuss to maintain. Plus, the GuideLine is easy to see in bright daylight and has adjustable contrast control for running in dim lighting, dust or fog.

Easy to begin

Daily work begins with pushing the power switch and hitting "Enter" on the keypad twice. The operator is guided on straight or curved lines accurately and efficiently. Each pass is recorded automatically to a data-card in the CE computer and can be viewed as a map on its display. There are five zoom levels on the display, so you can see the smallest details.

The GuideLine automatically knows when you've advanced to the next swath and snaps to the next guideline without pushing any buttons. Field borders can be driven in any pattern and do not have to be defined in advance. TeeJet recognizes the need to be flexible and adjust your driving pattern based on field conditions.

In addition to guiding an operator along straight and curved lines, the lightbar reports information instantly on an 8-character read-out above the guidance lights. You choose up to 3 items to report from this menu of options:

Cross track error - shows when to steer right or left and the exact distance to center

Swath number - counts the rows covered and displays the swath you're working

Heading error - shows the difference between the bearing of your guideline and the current vehicle heading

Ground speed - shows the exact vehicle speed

Area applied - reports the amount of territory covered in acres or hectares

Off - Don't want reports? You don't have to have them!

Key Features

Straight-line, curved and center pivot guidance

Set up and run with as few as 2 keystrokes

Easy-to-see lightbar can be mounted inside or outside

Instant reporting on the lightbar

Saves time, extremely accurate

Cheaper than running foam markers

Records what's been done to a data card

See application maps of your field created in real time

Upgrade whenever you're ready

Many more features are already built into the GuideLine. Take advantage of these when you're comfortable with the basics and are ready to learn more.

Mark hazards in the field, and be warned of these in following seasons

Mark and name points in the field and navigate back to them

Run the best center-pivot guidance available

Run reports from the maps generated

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SES25CB cross bed Sprayers, 25 Gallon,complete with GES Gun, Brass Quick coupler, Air Gap Filler and lid lock. Hose reel with 300ft urethane blend spray hose, approx weight 130 lbs.

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