Spray Hose Specials

Blue Ribbon Pest Control Sprayer Hose

A superior quality chemical sprayer hose. The best 600# spray hose we have ever found!!! 600 psi high pressure, 2400 psi burst pressure resists kinking - long lasting chemical resistant tube and cover. Yellow with a blue stripe for instant identification. Some of the benefits to the Blue Ribbon sprayer hose:  no memory, flexible, always stays round, tough and has great chemical resistance. We can supply in 5/8", 3/8" and 1/2" inside diameters, lengths up to 400 ft.

Blue ribbon hose is the best doggone ag spray hose on the market. This hose is braided construction, ​far​ superior to the other hoses that are spiraled construction.

Are you tired of agricultural spray hose that kinks, coils up, cracks, leaks and is just generally a real hassle to use?

We can help you!!  Our blue ribbon hose is made for ease of application of agricultural chemicals.

How would you like to have : no kinking!! No coiling up on you, no concerns about hose failing at fittings, plus the ability to spray up to 600 psi and not worry about it, as the burst pressure is 2400 psi.

A tough hose that generally gives a 3 to 5 year life. Once you have used one of these, you will never go back to a conventional ag spray hose.  

BR38400 3/8" x 400 ft

BR38300 3/8" x 300 ft

BR12400 1/2" x 400 ft.

BR12300 1/2" x 300 ft

BR12200 1/2" x 200 ft

BR58400 5/8" x 400 ft.

BR58300 5/8" x 300 ft.

UPD Chemical Hose
Chemical Hose made in larger sizes 600 psi working pressure, 1800 psi burst pressure. Pliable, easy to use Orange Corrugated outside surface.

RY38300 3/8" x 300 ft

RY12300 1/2" x 300 ft

RY58300 5/8" x 300 ft

RY34300 3/4" x 300 ft.

Hoses coupled +$15.00

3/8 & 1/2"

Hoses coupled +$30.00

5/8 & 3/4"

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Attention : Heavy Duty Tree Sprayer Hose

Green Garde 1/2" NEON 800

38688 1/2" x 300 ft

38689 1/2" x 400 ft.

PVC suction hose, use for chemical transfer, on sprayers, Rigid PVC Helix, Opaque Green in color. Great for suction and light duty discharge up to 50 psi Std pkg. Cut Length.

K075 3/4" Vacuum 100 ft.

K100 1" Vacuum 100 ft.

K125 1 1/4" Vacuum 100 ft.

K150 1 1/2" Vacuum 100 ft.

K200 2" Vacuum 100 ft

Spray Hose Tips:

When you start to put a new coil of Blue Ribbon spray hose on your hose reel, if possible, roll it out and put a spray gun on the correct end, and then connect it to your reel. Do not roll it up yet. You need to pressurize the hose while its straight to as high pressure as your pump will go(please use water only), and let it lay like that for about 15-20 minutes.

At that point you can take the pressure off of it and roll it up. By doing this, you will help the hose braid to loosen up and very little kinking and coiling will happen when you put it in service. Most of our customers that try it once say, they wouldn't use any other spray hose.

This hose is repairable if it somehow got caught on something sharp and cut the outer layer of rubber. Clean it up and apply clear Shoe goo on it and let it dry. Generally it will last for the life of the hose.

When putting fittings on the hose, be sure the hose barb fitting has no sharp edges. Use some liquid detergent on the hose and the fitting so you will not do any damage in assembly. Always check to see that you have the correct size hose barb.

It's a good idea to roll out your new hose after putting it on the reel and pressurise it with water for a few minutes. This will take any kinks out and keep the hose from trying to coil up when you are using it.

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Cross Bed Sprayers

SES25CB cross bed Sprayers, 25 Gallon,complete with GES Gun, Brass Quick coupler, Air Gap Filler and lid lock. Hose reel with 300ft urethane blend spray hose, approx weight 130 lbs.

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