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Skid Sprayers
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This is one of Fimco's most versatile and popular units. It can be used for a wide variety of jobs, all the way from weed and insecticide spraying to fire fighting. With the 300' of hose that is supplied, a worker spends less time moving from spot to spot and more time doing productive work. A 5.5 HP engine and an 8 roller pump supplies 7.8 GPM and 250 PSI.


Fimco model SK-61-12V Skid Sprayer, 60 Gallon, 2.1 GPM, 60 PSI, a versatile compact skid sprayer that has many uses in agriculture and lawn and garden. It can be used to spray herbicides and insecticides. It may be carried in a pickup truck or utility trailer.


This versatile skid sprayer has many uses in agriculture, lawn and garden, and may be used to spray herbicides and insecticides. It can be carried in a pickup truck or utility trailer. Durable high quality cast iron 8 roller pump is powered by a 5.5 HP engine and is capable of vertical spray heights of 35 feet. Also available are options such as a T-65 trailer kit that converts this skid sprayer into a trailer sprayer. An optional boom kit (Model BK-6) with 21 foot coverage, can also be added for spraying pastures or lawns.



Slide this handy single piece tree sprayer onto a pickup or flat bed trailer, fill the tank, connect to a 12 volt power source and you are ready to spray. Deluxe handgun will reach approximately 33 Ft. vertical spray height. This unit includes 25 Ft. of hose.


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Cross Bed Sprayers

SES25CB cross bed Sprayers, 25 Gallon,complete with GES Gun, Brass Quick coupler, Air Gap Filler and lid lock. Hose reel with 300ft urethane blend spray hose, approx weight 130 lbs.

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