Spike Aerator
2007 Sprayers


Fimco Spike Aerator - Description


Fimco SPK-42 Spike Aerators use spike wheels that slice into the soil to allow air, light, fertilizer, nutrients, seed, and water to reach the grass roots. Best for black dirt and rich soils.


Model #

Code #

Tank Size

Shipping Weight

Carton Size

Shipping Class

Cubic Feet

UPS able




42 inches


55 x 18 x 17






42” Width

Pentration Depth: Up To 2.5”

12 Gauge; Fully Enclosed Tray; 175 lbs. Capacity

Tines: 12 - 10” Spike Wheels, 144 Spiking Tips

10” Pneumatic Tires

Transport Lever: Over Center Locking Mechanisms; Single Lever; Easily Adjustable From Seat

8” Diamond Tread Tires

Assembles In 10 Minutes Or Less

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