3 Point Sprayers

Two sprayer models are available which can be connected to the 3 point hitch of a tractor. A 25 gallon sprayer is available for a Category 0 hitch, and a 25 gallon & 55 gallon sprayer is available for a Category 1 tractor hitch. The sprayer for the Category 0 hitch utilizes a 12 volt pump, whereas the other sprayers are to be used with a larger volume roller pump. A wide assortment of booms are available from 80" to 140" coverage. Handgun kits are available for spot spraying and may be ordered as an option.

FIMCO 2007 Series Three Point Hitch Sprayers
Three Point Hitch Sprayers

LG553PT | LG603PT | LG273PT | 110/150 Gallon | 200/300 Gallon | 400/500 Gallon |

This durable 200 gallon 3 point sprayer has long been one of the leading sellers of Fimco's line up of 3 point sprayers. The 3 point carrier frame fits on category 1 or 2 tractor three point hitches. 5300758 may be ordered as a complete sprayer less roller pump and coupler. The 8 row boom shown in the picture is standard with this model. Other pump kits and boom kits may be ordered to custom build the sprayer to fit your individual requirements.





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Cross Bed Sprayers

SES25CB cross bed Sprayers, 25 Gallon,complete with GES Gun, Brass Quick coupler, Air Gap Filler and lid lock. Hose reel with 300ft urethane blend spray hose, approx weight 130 lbs.

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