HYPRO Piston Pumps


• Max. flow: 10 gallons per minute maximum.
• Max. pressure: 400 psi
• Max. flow: 8 to 10 gpm
• Max. fluid temperature: 140º F
Max. pressure: 400 psi
Rated speeds: 800 rpm (5206) or 600 rpm (5210)
Shaft size: 1" solid shaft 1-3/8" hollow shaft
Port size; 3/4" inlet, 3/4" outlet
Weight; 18 lbs
Pump shaft rotation: CW or CCW*
Cups: Leather standard, fabric reinforced and Buna-N available

They feature stainless steel valves and ball bearing, leather or fabric-reinforced Buna-N or straight Buna-N cups. You can choose from a variety of drive systems to include: belt and pulley, 540 rpm PTO, gasoline engine or electric motor. These pumps are available in a variety of flow and pressure ranges up to a maximum of 10 gpm and 1000 psi, with maximum fluid temperatures of 140°F (piston pumps) and 180°F (plunger pumps).


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Cross Bed Sprayers

SES25CB cross bed Sprayers, 25 Gallon,complete with GES Gun, Brass Quick coupler, Air Gap Filler and lid lock. Hose reel with 300ft urethane blend spray hose, approx weight 130 lbs.

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